What matters most to our community?

What are our most pressing local queer issues?

How can we better unify to address them?

Given our community’s inherent diversity in age, politics, ethnicity, ability, sexual identity, and more, how can we even begin to answer these questions?

We are a group of SFU students who believe that a safe, accessible, and engaging community forum is a good place to start. We want to initiate collaboration through conversation; solutions via solidarity; to hear and be heard.

We have designed a three-tiered project that we hope will help respond to our community’s need and desire for solidarity.



Click the links below or use the navigation menu above to learn more.
We encourage you to poke around our site to get the full background, rationale, and approach of this project. But, if you’re eager to just get right to posting, choose a discussion topic from the drop down menu above and share away!

1. Blog

2. Dialogue (+dance party)

3. Report

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